January 15: Where is breakfast? It’s almost 9 o’clock!

With early school start times, we habitually feed the girls around 6:30 am. Today, we all moved in slow-motion and they had to wait, loudly and impatiently. Advertisements

January 14: Heatwave

It’s finally warm enough for the girls to venture out and the camera not to freeze up.

December 15: Mud! Mud? Urban Chickens Shocked by Unseasonable Temps

Click on each picture to see the girls in their full sized glory.

December 14: Operation Melted Snow

#MNWX confounds my girls. Rooting (rioting?!) in the mud, Blackbird played lookout, alerting the brood when I entered the kitchen. In seconds, the deck was covered in vocal chickens asking, at the backdoor:… Continue reading

December 7: Two Fine Eggs

The protest is over. (They are happy I’m now serving calcium-enriched layer feed, again.)

December 3: Crispy Chicken

Snap, Crackle & Pop Chickens love stale Rice Crispies.

December 1: Baby, it’s cold outside!

August 2: Dog Days of Summer

The base of the chicken waterer after one scrubbing:  Yuck.  The green slime grows quickly in the summer.

March 29: Chicken and coffee

March chickens stink. Literally. The coop is melting along with everything in it. Anyone need some ripe compost starter?

Winter Chicken Coop – Early March 2014

Avid readers want more photos. I’ll see what I can do.