March 8: International Womens’ Day — Give Some Chickens

March 8:  International Womens' Day -- Give Some Chickens

March 8: International Womens’ Day — Give Some Chickens

Today is International Women’s Day. While, it’s true the chickens are women (no roosters allowed in the city), I’m pointing out this fact because 75% of farmers are women.

According to the International Monetary Fund, empowering women makes good economic sense. How? Give them opportunities to earn money, opportunities like chickens, for instance. For only $20 you can buy a flock of chickens from Heifer International.

This $20 is a hand-up, not a hand-out. This $20 becomes a protein enriched diet for a family. This $20 creates a small business. This $20 helps women and children.

So today, as you enjoy Strawberry Sally diving into a bowl of plate scrapings and fruit stems, think about how your affection for chickens can become the world for someone else.