March 12: Deep Thoughts from Chickens

Do you see that food over there?

Do you see that food over there?

I know what  my chickens are thinking and it’s not anthropomorphism. It’s food.

Chickens think about eating and how to get more food. When they see food, they want it.

Today’s post was supposed to be about flying chickens. I was sure if I opened the lid of the coop (vs. the door) that at least one chicken (Strawberry Sally, naturally) would risk getting her feet cold, jump down into the snow, or maybe even fly.

I casually placed a dish of leftover risotto and strawberry stems 15 feet from the coop and then opened the lid.

Let's go! I'm hungry

Let’s go! I’m hungry –Blackbird

Immediately three little heads popped up.

Who was first? Strawberry Sally, of course.

Blackbird–who always thinks with her stomach–soon followed.

And then…the money shot! Or so I thought. Armed with my super-duper zoom lens set to many-photos-per-second, I caught Strawberry Sally in flight.

I did.

It’s just not such a great photo:

March 12:  Will Fly For Food

March 12: Will Fly For Food

Disappointed, I plowed through the 87 photos I took hoping to find a better photo.

No luck.

Instead I realized my photos told a story–full of fear and longing, but doubtfully any romance. Watch the slideshow below and tell me if I can, truly read my chickens’ minds.

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