September 23: Out for a Stroll


September 21: The Only Chickens I’ve Found in Denver

September 19: Art

September 18: Last Call

September 16: Channeling Strawberry Sally

I caught Cupcake out of the corner of my eye this morning. I thought she was Strawberry Sally. They are the same breed and my son did pick Cupcake because of that. Still… Continue reading

September 13: Out for a Stroll

September 11: Three Eggs

Why Three? Cupcake lays brown eggs — she’s a Rhode Island Red chicken. Blackbird also lays brown ones when she’s laying (we think she is in chickenpause and no longer lays) Chicken Dolly… Continue reading

September 1: Cupcake Layed An Egg — Her First

The eggs from young hens (less than a year) are called poulets at my local farmers’ market. In Minnesota speak that’s “pull-its.” And they’re small–even smaller than Dolly’s which are about the size… Continue reading

August 30: Bounty

August 27: Yuck